Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Fling with Flares

70s style Is in.

That's a given.

I wish I was 7 stone lighter and could look amazing in everything including flares. Would look even more amazing with all the bralet and crop tops that are also so in right now. As I continue to dream (and keep gymming to my hearts content) I have dabbled in the world of flares. I think with the right pair of heels bigger shapes can pull off the flared trend. 

Watch this space.

Hannah xx

          Cardigan Coat- New Look    T-Shirt- Topshop       Belt & Jumpsuit- Primark
                                                                Bag- Zara 
                                Hat- ASOS    Sunglasses- Topshop   Driving Gloves- H&M

                             Top-Hollister     Trousers-New Look   Shoes-New Look

The sleeveless blazer

Ok. This officially my new favourite item.

I've seen a lot of these sleeveless blazers (or gilet as some old school people might like to say). In shops like Topshop, Zara and River Island that are really boxy and structured. I really wanted one for myself that was more a relaxed and softer material then... viola! My friend Ellen and I went to see Olly Murrs at the O2 in London where she wore this. I hate hate hate being a copy cat but I had to go out at the next opportunity to buy my own (Il class Ellen as my inspo). I now want one in every colour, I will find one with pockets too.

I love pockets.

Will write soon 
Hannah xx


                                                                       Bag- H&M
                                                                 Shoes- New Look
                                                              Black Jeans- ASOS
                                                                    Top- Primark 
                                                        Sleeveless Blazer- New Look