Monday, 22 December 2014

Appreciation Post

Another quick post (on fire today).

I've always been a secret massive fan of Primark. I used to hide it, but now I will scream it high from the rooftops. Although I still don't love going too my most local store (I'm waiting for an online version). I think they have improved massively over the past year and now buy so much of "current trend" clothes from there my whole wardrobe is filling up with atmosphere. 

Their AW14 collection has been amazing. At one point I think I wanted to own about 3 different coats in all colours, and could actually afford to, and it still be cheaper than just one higher end label. 

       The "boyfriend"/duffle coat
I am yet to take this off. It's so practical and warm, and I think makes most outfits look more chìc. Such a barg at £25. Go and buy 4 in every colour! 

           The Ribbed High Neck 
I know fashion bloggers have been going crazy for these Zara inspired tops. This Primark version is £6. Cray. The only thing is, it's cropped. I personally have a love/hate relationship with crop tops. None the less still going back for the black version!

Hannah xx


Just a quick post, as this was a few weeks ago now. I already have mixed feelings looking back at this outfit. This turned out to be an awful day, so maybe that's why it's giving me bad vibes? I don't wear this jumpsuit much as it's very clingy but I thought all the colours blended well and it's layered up. I also jumped at the chance to give one of the new shirts an airing too. These shoes have served me so well, I still love them even though there scuffed. I want to find another pair that lace all the way up. Can anyone recommend where I could look?

Hannah xx

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Singapore To Sydney

Whilst I still have my flying job, sometimes it's hard to not do a post involving work. When I saw a Singapore/Sydney on my roster too it's inevitable for me to do a post as your away for such a long time (9 days to be exact- the longest trip I do)

It feels weird sometimes packing a suitcase of summer clothes when it's so cold in England. Some people love it (must admit it is nice to escape to sunshine every so often) however I'm so much more a lover of winter clothes.

Any how here's my week of looks... 

                   Bag- Michael Kors
                 Bangle- River Island
                      Belt- Primark
             Maxi Skirt (Tied) - H&M
                  Boots- New Look

                Turban- Forever 21
               Jumpsuit- Primark
             Beach Bag- New Look

                Necklace- Primark
          Pineapple Skirt- Primark
      Ankle Strap Heels- New Look

         Leaf Print Shirt- Charity Shop
             White Dress- Topshop

Purchases from Singapore.
What's a week without a little shopping? One of the things I love most about this job and probably one of the things il miss most is the shopping in weird and wonderful places and having different clothes to everyone back at home! 

One of my friends took me along to a place called Bugis Street, located near Little India in Singapore. If you ever find yourself there for business or leisure and your a shopaholic like myself I recommend you go. My best way to describe it is Singapore's version of Camden in London. You can get amazing one off pieces for extremely cheap prices. My favourite thing is finding a bargain. 

I saw these vintage shirts and what I loved straight away was that every single shirt there was different. I fell in love with the vibrant patterns. Because of my size I quite like having one busy/colourful item and mixing it with a plain palette whether it be busy on top and plain on bottom or vice versa. 

Defiantly feel the brown floral shirt is more safe, but I will keep the jazzy hat print for when I'm feeling confident, or have a fashionable event to turn up too (fingers crossed). I'm still finding my feet with confidence when it comes to pulling off certain outfits. Blogging is a great help as you take a picture of your clothes and get to study it.

I also felt achieved as I talked one of the girls I was with to buy one of the shirts. She was saying she didn't have the confidence to wear it, so I told her outfit ideas to team it with and she changed her mind (result).  I hate it when I hear girls say "I can't wear that" and there obviously skinny and gorgeous. If you got it flaunt it and make the most of what you got sister! 

Il end on the note of my fluffy key ring. I love it, despite being told it looks like a kangaroo bollocks I dont care! Sums me up in a keyring and also makes finding my keys in all my huge bags easier. I've seen them cropping up more and more first on a boutique I follow on Instagram (@makeitfancylondon). And then more recently on River Island and Asos. Mine was just a fraction of the price.

Win win.

Hannah xx