Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A Week of Outfits

The past week ive been so busy! 

I finally had a decent amount of time off work (6 days to be exact) and they were filled to the brim with catching up with people. Along with my Boyfriends Sam birthday and a weekend in London. Therefore I thought id throw the whole lot in together in a mash up photo collage sort of way. Enjoy.

Hannah xx

PS I do apologise for my crappy iPhone camera and a lot of selfies. I'm hoping to get a decent camera for Christmas so I can start taking better quality images.

                 Faux Fur- Select 
                    Jumper- Zara

                Jumpsuit- Primark
               Blazer- Charity Shop
                Shoes- New Look
                    Belt- Primark

                  Bag- Red Herring
                  Choker- Topshop 

            Fedora (Heisenberg Hat)
               Boohoo via EBay
            Checked Shirt- Topman
            Tshirt Dress (Worn as Top)
                   Skirt- Topshop
                 Boots- New Look

      My most fave boots of all time

              Fluffy Jumper- Topshop
               Formal Joggers- H&M
                Bag- Urban Outfitters

          Coat- Primark (#BARGAIN)
Necklace- Topshop
  I Love Grey+Pink 
                    Jumper- Topshop

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Celebration Of Style

I recently went along to the Celebration of Style event in Liverpool. After a journey of hell to Manchester, (not going on megabus for a while!) a sleepover in Manchester with my good friend Danielle, and a 50 minute train ride from Manchester to Liverpool I finally arrived! 

I didn't realise how vast the event was, It basically was across 3 days in all different venues in Liverpool. From fashion shows, exhibitions, djs, parties, makeovers, shopping and music. There was a lot going on! I had purchased my ticket for the Influence of Style event, these were seminars taking place at Rum Warehouse next to the Titanic hotel at Stanley Dock. What had really stood out to me was the topics going to be discussed at the seminars and the guest speakers they had booked to take part. They seemed really relevant to me right now as I undergo a transition of career from Aviation to Fashion and answered some questions I have been fearing/wondering about. As well as give me a tonne of motivation and inspiration. 

    @c_of_style          @Cricketecom

 I love the north! Girls in Manchester and Liverpool really go all out, not only in the way they dress but their hair and makeup too. There was lots of cool little pop up shops in the warehouse as well as the seminars. It was interesting to meet and speak to buyers for Matalan (the whole event was in association with Matalan) it was really useful and interesting looking at their portfolios of designs and the amount of detail that goes into just one piece of a collection.

The guest speaker who I learnt most from was a lady called Justine Mills she is  co founder and owner of Cricket Boutique in Liverpool. I didn't get the chance to visit as didn't have enough time but it is defiantly on my list for my next visit. Rather famous and well known in Liverpool, Cricket is one of the most "foremost independent super boutiques in the UK". Justine went on to explain how she opened Cricket at the young age of 19 with very little money but had a lot of passion and motivation. Also with the help of family and friends has made it into what it is today. It is now home to some of the most wanted designers of right now including Cèline, Lanvin and many more. 

             Justine Mills in action

I also got to chat to celebrity stylist Lorraine McCulloch it was really inspiring hearing her own stories and views on the world of styling and how she started out. She gave me some advice and I am going to take it and run with it.

Passion. Drive. Risk.

Hannah xx

PS I also done a flying Visit of the Tim Bret Exhibiton 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Windy City

As I've mentioned before I'm currently still working as cabin crew although I'm Eager to leave and pursue my next dream now I must admit one of the things I'm going to miss is shopping In America! You can't beat it. 

Chicago is a wonderful city it has elements that remind me of my favourite city in the whole wide world (New York) but on a bit more on a smaller scale and it's not as crazy! I also love the fact it's windy and cold especially before Christmas, however this time I was greeted with torrential rain but who cares about weather when there was shopping to do!

Managed to tick a few people off my presents list but still a long way to go...

Anyone else already skint?  Waaaah!!


Really excited for my next post the location will be Liverpool! So excited as this is a city I've wanted to visit since forever. And I'm attending a really exciting event! 

Hannah xx

                        Dinner and Drinks 
          Wearing: Chained Necklace- Forever 21
                Dog Tooth T-Shirt- Charity Shop

Black Fur Collar- Select
                   Black Fluffy Skirt- Primark

                     Pink Cocoon Coat- EBay
           Spiked Shoulder Bag- Urban Outfitters

                             Christmas Shopping 
                               Pink Coat- EBay 
                          Tarten Scarf- Primark
                          Bag- Urban Outfitters
                           Jeans- Red Herring
                      Trainers- Nike Roshe Runs

Victoria Beckham

So I know I haven't blogged in a while and I'm new at this. Therefore this shouldn't be happening so early in the game (haha). But I've had my reasons and there good ones- honest.

Firstly this sounds terribly vain but, I died my hair back to blonde in the past week as I was beginning to get bored of the whole ombré look. I was really worried of going from darker to light. Never have I had any colouring issues when it's came to my hair and I've been told everyone should have one bad experience in their lives. Whether that be cut,colour or style. Firstly to cry at, then take a picture for future laughs, and then go on to spend more money to correct the mistake they or hairdresser has made.

I became a yellow head. 
I loved how my mum described me as slim shady and brassy.
It wasn't fun. 

So I didn't really feel like having my photo taking for an outfit post.
Its all corrected now (thanks to my brothers girlfriend). I now have lots of posts to catch up with. 

I've been wanting to go to Victoria Beckhams new shop since it's opening in Mayfair in September 2014. I
 have an absolute obsession with Victoria (probably since my spice girl days) her alone plus the whole family of Beckhams are so beautiful, and I really admire the way Victoria has conquered the fashion world, although a lot of her designs and collection are waaaaay out of my price range. However just looking at her clothes gave me a lot of inspiration especially when it came to colour pairings (I really liked how the whole shop was organised and grouped in colour co-ordinate, I always plan to do this with my own wardrobe but it never happens).

Not only was I wooed by the dresses and the accessories (also fell in love with a black glittery lounge track suit). The actual architecture and layout of the shop is amazing. I'm not one who revels in fine buildings but I do admire a neat and modern layout when I see one. So much space, I especially loved the handbags dotted on the staircase and the massive screen showcasing the collection on the catwalk. 

Managed to get a few sneaky photos before finding out your not allowed to take photos. Muha!

So I would defiantly would return maybe after Christmas when my purse is a bit fuller maybe then I could afford the really nice key ring I saw haha.

Ps think there is still some of my saliva in the shop from drooling at the sunglasses #wishlist

Hannah xx

              36 Dover Street W1S 4FF
              Bond Street Tube Station


                 Sly mirror selfie! 
      Wearing: New fave checked shirt
             Black Pencil Skirt

                Snaps of the Day
       Green Park looking pretty

Coffee and Catch ups with 
                   Ellen Walford
This girl has really helped me and encouraged me to go to Uni come September to study Fashion. Thanks for all your help! And can't wait to have more fashionable days out! Xxxx

Saturday, 1 November 2014

First things first..

Hello there me again, 

2nd post on the first day! Wooooah.

Can see why people can get addicted to blogging haha. Thought I'd start things off by sharing some topshop bargains I bagged the other day. Any one that knows me knows that I absolutely love a bargain! Pretty much comes down to always being skint so it's now became a way of life haha. 

I've loved the whole "slider" trend throughout the summer, even tho at first I did think they were the type of shoes my dad wore in Orlando..On 2001. But once I started seeing celebs,bloggers, girl crushes wearing them and styling them In different ways I fell in love! 

So when I saw these simple black pair in topshop I couldn't grab them quick enough.(Did I mention they were 5 pound! 5 pounds!!! FOR SHOES)

My current job entails me travelling all around the globe so I can get away with buying summer stock in autumn. That's what I tell myself anyway. Ha.

Just to reassure myself though my main man Marc sent Kendal Jenner down the catwalk in his SS15 collection so il be proudly putting them back on next year! 

Hannah xx


                      More bargains! 
               Scrunchies- £2-3 Topshop


             Lazy day in Luanda 
                (it's in Angola) 

Hello World

Hello to you all (no one) 

 My name is Hannah Castleton and I have been planning to start a fashion blog for a while now but after deciding to study fashion at university next year, I have kind of thought it is crucial. It is also an excellent way to show you all my favourite looks, things I'm lusting over, my new journey I'm embarking on and finally have my own blog for people to enjoy and look at, instead of the other way round of me stalking fashion and style blogs 🙊. It's also a great networking tool and I can't wait to meet all you fabulous fashionistas!

 I have no idea what I'm doing ???

 I think I just made some font bold haha.

I have a long way to come but stay loyal! And return 😊

 Hannah xx