Friday, 30 January 2015

Cèline Wannabe

Hello one and all. (Probs just one)

Who else would love to be like a Jenner and have a real cèline? 

I seriously love them. But I do not have £1500 (give or take) to splurge. Even when I travel East to Kuwait is a fare few hundred pounds for a good fake. So I am not ashamed in admitting to this. 

This little gem set me back £20 on eBay, and I couldn't be happier with it! It's not only cèline-esqe it's the perfect size for someone that likes to carry round the kitchen sink around like moi.

Not only that...oh no.
I also found this teeny tiny baby in Primark for a mere £6 perfect for nights out. I love the chain detail and again the cèline inspired shaping. Bravo Primark. My saviour yet again. 

Hannah xx

Thursday, 29 January 2015


Hi All,

Making a concious effort to blog on the regular especially this week.

I got a lot of compliments the night I wore this little mashup. Topshop extravaganza. I bought this top in the summer for my holiday but I've wore it more in winter. Strange. Even tho Singapore is just a humid paradise so not really winter winter. I liked the colour of it (I don't wear enough orange) and I liked the pleats.

I love this necklace it reminds me of something from the 90s/Carrie Bradshaw. A lot of people ask me "what does H stand for?" DUH.

The little holographic beauty is actually a make up bag (and a birthday present from my best friend Sophia <3). I only popped downstairs in the hotel for a drink after a flight, so thought this was acceptable. Teeny tiny bags always pop in and out of fashion. And for the night it's nice to just carry around your lipstick and phone. Plus ++++ a gay guy called it SASSY.

            Top, Necklace & Bag-
            All Topshop Erythang 

Hannah xx

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Another month... And guess where I've been?

Yes another stint around the world for me. Singapore to Sydney and back again.

I drove past this really cute place which had my name plastered on the wall outside, and it started giving me ideas. My boyfriend bought me a more decent camera for Christmas to encourage me to start taking better quality photos especially in the run up for Uni (I hope) 

So here's my first attempt. Please don't laugh. Lol. I've ordered a taller tripod now can't wait for it to arrive. I guess in time il feel more comfortable and confident! 

                 Kimono- New Look

Ah yes... Haven't even mentioned the clothes. Well I love this Fluro little number I actually bought it in a boutique in the destination of this post... Sydney. My shoes are from Primark even though they were a birthday present. I love them! So chunky and pointy and strappy and I love the colour, a pale pink. I think it's rare that pastels go with Flurorescent but with the black kimono it all balances out.

            Playsuit- Ally's in Sydney
                      Belt- Primark
                   Shoes- Primark

Australian style isn't just surf shorts and swimming costumes. Everywhere I looked were some boho babes. The amount of crochet peices I've fallen in love with over here... Well I've lost count. 

I'm back here again next month and have been doing my homework on shopping hotspots so I'm making sure I head to these beauties
.Oxford street
.Glenmore Road 
.Crown street

Stay tuned.

Hannah xx