Thursday, 29 January 2015


Hi All,

Making a concious effort to blog on the regular especially this week.

I got a lot of compliments the night I wore this little mashup. Topshop extravaganza. I bought this top in the summer for my holiday but I've wore it more in winter. Strange. Even tho Singapore is just a humid paradise so not really winter winter. I liked the colour of it (I don't wear enough orange) and I liked the pleats.

I love this necklace it reminds me of something from the 90s/Carrie Bradshaw. A lot of people ask me "what does H stand for?" DUH.

The little holographic beauty is actually a make up bag (and a birthday present from my best friend Sophia <3). I only popped downstairs in the hotel for a drink after a flight, so thought this was acceptable. Teeny tiny bags always pop in and out of fashion. And for the night it's nice to just carry around your lipstick and phone. Plus ++++ a gay guy called it SASSY.

            Top, Necklace & Bag-
            All Topshop Erythang 

Hannah xx

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