Monday, 16 March 2015

My NYFW Experience

It is official New York is my favourite place ever. 

It wowed me when I first went for my 18th birthday and my opinion still hasn't changed. After recently visiting again, it's defiantly one of those destinations I can picture myself visiting every year for the rest of my life. 

Conveniently my Valentines trip with my boyfriend Samuel, fell on the same week as Fashion Week. I thought this was beautifully paired. 

There was so much excitement and buzz and I loved being amongst other bloggers, photographers and fashion lovers outside all the amazing venues located all around the city. It would of been a dream to someway blag a spot inside one of the shows. Maybe one day.

Here's some of my favourite pictures I took. Flares and the colour Pink is what I fell in love with most. I now have a shopping list full of 70s inspired flares, fringing and suede as well as some bubblegum pink accessories and faux fur (more to add to the collection).

Wish List Post soon to follow...

Hannah xx





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