Monday, 22 June 2015

Singapore Fashion Week


Maybe I should of opened with a Hello in mandarin (to go with the subject of this post). But unfortunately I am not that clever.

I can't believe we are half way through June!

Ive just had 3 weeks off, which have been filled with a holiday, a festival and pure indulgence. I am now skint and feel about 4 stone heavier. So now Im on a detox and blogging the last three weeks of my life.

So this is Singapore Street Style!!!

This was my last trip to Singapore with work. It coincided nicely with Singapore Fashion Week, I wasn't quick enough to nab a ticket (wish I had thought of that earlier as they were such good value for money) So I was only allowed access outside the venue as everything is inside due to the heat. Whenever I go to Singapore, I am guaranteed to see fashion forward individuals. Their unique sense of style is really interesting to see, and Im amazed what men and woman wear in the heat and humidity. I can see why places like Singapore are growing more popular in the fashion world, and icons like Victoria Beckham and Diane Von Furstenberg are helping Asia break through and shows what they have to offer.

More posts coming throughout the week, so stay tuned...
Hannah xx

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